Toblerone Advertising Boards

Printed toblerone advertising boards perfect for indoor or outdoor football match advertising

Toblerone Advertising Boards are a cost-effective means of advertising for indoor and outdoor events. Their trademark property is that they are lightweight and strong making them ideal for short term events such as football tournaments. Toblerone Signage is typically used to display sponsor logos and offers a great alternative, or addition, to more permanent signage such as Sports Ground Advertising Boards. Our Toblerone Signs are made from Correx which is a lightweight yet rigid corrugated plastic material, also known as polypropylene fluted board. Correx is inexpensive and extremely versatile making it ideal for Toblerone Advertising Boards as well as other temporary signage such as Bollard Covers. If you would like to enquire about our Correx Advertising Boards the best thing to do would be to give us a call today on 01252 850 818. We offer a range of standard sizes but can work to absolutely any specification required offering free design work and unbeatable turnaround times on every project we manage.

Toblerone Signage for Indoor and Outdoor Events

At Lavastar we take great pride in all of our signage and we will adapt our Toblerone Advertising Boards to ensure they are as well suited as they possibly can be for your application. Being a plastic material, Correx is naturally suited for use indoor and outdoor use. However, there are still extra steps which can be taken to ensure that the best possible finish and longest lifespan are attained. For example, instead of printing directly to the Correx board, we tend to wrap the boards in a high quality, printed and laminated vinyl. This may be more time consuming on our part but it gives the Correx itself an extra layer of protection from the elements meaning that your Toblerone Signage is likely to last far longer without becoming brittle due to UV damage. We will also always opt for the most expensive and UV resistant inks when producing Correx Advertising Boards so that your signs can last in direct sunlight without suffering from any unwanted fading.