Festival Signs

Most people think that it’s the artist line-up that defines a good festival, that and the round the clock drinking of course, but for us at Lavastar it’s all about the mood of the festival site, and that all starts with the event signage.

Signs are everywhere at festivals, they’re crucial for not only the smooth running and organisation of the festival, but also for the look and feel that makes each festival so unique. From the mind boggling quotes around the campsites to the incredible stage banners and homemade flags you spot in amongst the crowds, without signage festivals would be a much duller place indeed. And there was you thinking that signs were boring!

At Lavastar we place festival signs into two different categories, practical and decorative, and this is no way of saying the practical signs aren’t decorative and the decorative signs aren’t practical, but there is certain signage a festival must have. For example, a large hoarding is usually the most effective way of enclosing a festival and separating it’s public and private sections, we just so happen to be quite the experts at these hoardings, complete with printed or vinyl graphics we can turn a simple divider into a work of art, if you let us. The next necessity would be wayfinder systems, from finding the festival in the first place, knowing where to park your car, finding the right queue, then the best campsite, then the way to the overflowing portaloos, and unfortunately sometimes the way to the first aid tent, wayfinder systems are absolutely critical for customer satisfaction, it will also reduce stress on staff and make the general operation run a whole lot smoother.

Now for the fun part, decorative signs are again very practical as it’s important to be able to tell your friends what stage you’re at, but these are the huge signs that can be seen for miles and the wacky signs that make people stop and stare. Stage banners, flag poles and scaffolding wraps are all types of decorative sign that make a festival look great, and are all types of festival signage we can provide for you.

Here at Lavastar signs we can realise literally any festival sign ideas you may have. We manage projects from gate signs to entire festival sites, all the way through from the planning and design stage to manufacture and installation. With over 20 years of design experience, and a real passion for festivals, there’s no job we cannot do. This isn’t to say the heavyweight music festivals such as Bestival and Glastonbury are the only ones who should have good signage, the calibre of signage is often an indicator of the quality of the event so get in touch and let us ensure that is always at its highest.