Construction Hoarding

Construction hoarding is temporary wooden structures which form a crucial component of building site safety. Adding construction hoarding helps to protect against unauthorised visitors while also improving on-site health and safety. Typically set up on the perimeters of building sites, hoarding construction exteriors can be used to display advertisements when used in a public place.

Construction site hoarding is an essential element of even the most exclusive bespoke site hoardings. Timber hoarding fences are included to support and protect the integrity of a building site. Providing a solid foundation to all development hoarding, the wooden panels offer a reliable security system. The building hoarding panels are an ideal safety solution for anyone looking to create a long-lasting perimeter around their site.

Building hoardings are cost-effective and shield the work from the public eye. If you’re looking to put wooden hoardings around a construction site, our team are on hand to lend our expertise and provide a quote. We will also match your desired design, resulting in a visually pleasing and dependable structure which keeps your site safe and hidden away from prying eyes.

Why Choose Site Hoarding from Lavastar?

As with all aspects of site hoarding and fencing, Lavastar offer a quality service every step of the way working in partnership with Panthera Group Services, from construction hoarding design to installation.  We’re hoarding contractors you can trust and always happy to offer both wooden and environmentally friendly hoarding installation options when quoting.

Pathera Group

As the experts, we also offer free site surveys in London and The South. If you’re looking for construction signage and building hoarding contractors you can rely on, look no further than Lavastar’s timber hoarding panels.

Hoarding for construction sites are a simple yet highly effective covering for your site. At Lavastar, we’re only interested in providing the best building hoardings and this dedication to quality has seen us work alongside prestigious names in the property, events, and retail industries. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for a comprehensive construction site hoarding service from industry experts. Or if you want something with more graphics and design, why not check out our printed hoardings?

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Site Hoarding Services Lavastar Offer

Hoarding survey

Hoarding survey

Survey – Lavastar offer free site surveys with every  construction site hoarding we install. This allows us to take measurements, check for services, decide on the appropriate fixing method and offer the most accurate quote possible.

Installation of hoarding

Installation of hoarding

Install – Lavastar contractors install all of our own site hoardings. Whether this is an on-ground or an in-ground hoarding, our skilled and CSCS certified teams can work day or night to get the job done to an industry leading standard.

Wind loading diagrams and calculations

Wind loading diagrams and calculations

Wind loadings – Although not essential, we highly recommend you opt for our wind loading safety diagrams. Starting from £500, they give peace of mind and adhere to the strictest health and safety and insurance requirements.

Site hoarding painting

Site hoarding painting

Painting – Lavastar would always recommend painting a building hoarding which is not going to be clad in aluminium composite panels. This is because the paint helps to seal the wood from the elements and preserve it for longer.

Installation of iron mesh site gates

Installation of iron mesh site gates

Iron gates – Lavastar can supply and install iron mesh gates creating easy vehicle or pedestrian access into your site. Site hoarding gates are installed at the same time as the wooden building site fencing.

Installation of LED bulkhead lights

Installation of LED bulkhead lights

Lighting – Some form of lighting is often a health and safety requirement for building sites with hoardings in place. Our fully qualified electricians can make quick work of this using energy saving LED bulkhead lights.

Speak to Tom Kelsing, our timber site hoarding expert:

Call: 0845 459 4525 or Email:

Temporary Hoarding & Heras Site Fencing

Temporary site fencing are commonplace when a building site is at the very beginning or end of its development. This temporary hoarding is a cost-effective solution which sits on the ground and offers moderate site security whilst remaining mobile if necessary. Heras fencing is another alternative which may be more suitable to screen off an area temporarily. Lavastar and Panthera can brand these fencing panels up with mesh printed banners to ensure your site is still getting the relevant message out to passers by.

FAQs & More Information

Why Is Hoarding Important In The Construction Site?

Hoarding in the construction site is important as it keeps all the top of the range equipment of a typical building site safe and secure. This equipment is often worth a lot of money, and construction site hoarding represents an effective protective measure to help prevent financial loss. Our building signage will deter potential thieves, providing a barrier between the public and your project. Adept at keeping unauthorised people away from the site, security hoardings are a worthwhile investment for any building site.

Site perimeter boarding protects finances, the public, and ensures you adhere to relevant health and safety requirements. By creating an effective barrier, wooden site hoardings reduce the likelihood of injury from falling objects and vehicles. The importance of construction hoarding can’t be understated and it’s crucial that this is implemented correctly. Our bespoke installation service ensures that your project is adequately protected.

Adding hoarding on site takes care of legal requirements around building site health and safety. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 implies that a building site requires a protective barrier between itself and the public. Similarly, the Construction Regulations 2015 overtly orders that unauthorised access to building sites must be prohibited. With fencing hoarding in place, your site will have taking all necessary precautions before commencing work.

Do Site Hoardings Require Planning Permission?

Planning permission for construction site hoardings depends on which type you are opting for and whether you choose to include a graphic design. Typically, a plain timber site hoarding does not require planning permission. However, a design check certificate may be required from a qualified individual.

For creative construction hoarding and building site panels with advertisements,current ruling legislation states that they must quality for ‘deemed consent’. Should printed construction hoarding meet this criteria, there would be no need for planning permission.

In the event that your site hoarding design does require planning permission, Lavastar will take care of the application process. As part of our construction service, we are happy to apply for planning permission on your behalf.

What Are Construction Site Hoardings Made From?

Each construction site hoarding is made from sustainable wood. The timber hoarding panels are tailor-made for each project, offering an ethically sourced, bespoke service each time. To finish off, we recommended painting the wood to ensure weather-protection of the natural product as well as an enhanced lifespan.

Are Site Hoardings Temporary Works?

Site hoarding are ‘temporary works’ as they are removed once construction is completed. It is a short-term solid structure which encases the perimeter of the building site. As a form of temporary fencing, construction site hoarding is used as a security measure.

Full Construction Site Hoarding Services

Our complete service covers all aspects of the process, from planning to execution. If you’re looking for a timber building site hoarding with an array of optional extras, speak to our expert team today. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, with cost-effective gates made from sustainable wood.

How Do I Receive A Free Site Hoarding Survey?

To receive a free survey, simply get in touch to begin the process. Following a consultation with our site hoarding expert, we will provide a comprehensive survey. This ensures that we provide a high quality, bespoke in-ground hoarding installation job.

These surveys are on the house, as we don’t want our customers to be paying for an essential part of the quotation process. A free survey allows us to check the ground, take accurate measurements and tailor the fixing methods we’ll use.

Is The Site Hoarding Installation Outsourced?

Our installations are not outsourced. We provide both in-ground and on-ground building site hoarding installations. Our CSCS certified site hoarding installation team work to the very highest standards, with all the requisite skills to get your perimeter hoardings securely installed.

Why Choose Construction Site Hoardings From Lavastar?

Lavastar have years of expertise in the site hoarding design and installation field and take pride in providing a high-quality construction hoarding service. We have been entrusted with many high profile jobs and apply the same level of commitment and detail to each project we work on. When you choose the hoarding contractors at Lavastar for a comprehensive site hoarding service you choose quality.

Don’t just take our word for it – browse our gallery to see what Lavastar can do for you. To find out more on our site hording or to arrange your free site survey, call 020 3281 7395 or e-mail

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We found Lavastar proactive and ambitious in meeting our tight deadlines and would be more than happy to use them on future projects.

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