Dibond Hoarding

At Lavastar we specialise in the design, production and installation of premium Dibond hoardings. It is a niche which we have been perfecting ever since we launched our company and one we genuinely feel that we lead the industry in. Dibond hoarding panels are extremely versatile, and although our primary use for them is to promote property developments, we have also installed them to advertise new shop openings and to disguise hoardings making them more discrete, to give only two examples.


Dibond Hoarding Panels or ACP Hoarding

Dibond or ACP is undoubtedly the best material to use when installing a hoarding. It is extremely robust with fantastic weather resistance and an extremely professional finish. The material itself is an aluminium composite, i.e. two very thin sheets of aluminium bonded to a plastic core. This of course comes with a more premium price tag, but the results far outweigh the cost every time when designed and installed effectively. What’s more, Dibond panels can be recycled which is a hugely important factor for many eco minded companies.


full colour printed dibond hoarding at a site


In the search for a more cost-effective solution, we have been approached in the past with requests for Foamex hoardings. Although it is possible, as is almost anything, we would strongly advise against this. Foamex is a brittle material which does not take well to intense heat or heavy rain, making for an extremely short time period where the hoarding will remain presentable. Another cheap alternative would be applying vinyl directly to painted ply hoarding panels. Again, a quick fix but with wood being a ‘living’ material, vinyls will undoubtedly peel off in short time due to change in weather conditions.


Printed Dibond Hoarding

If a developer is looking to smarten the presentation of their site but they do not have any ambitious design ideas, then plain hoarding panels are a great place to start. We can simply clad a timber hoarding in black or white composite hoarding panels, or any of ten further standard colours which we hold in stock. This can then be enhanced by the application of vinyl graphics, installation of LED lighting, use of printed hoarding panels and so forth.


Printed hoarding panels are generally more expensive than plain ones as they must be individually wrapped in a high quality printed and laminated vinyl. Although printing direct to a Dibond panel is possible, our experience has taught us that wrapping the panels gives a far more premium finish which is more vibrant and more durable. Dibond fence panels which are digitally printed give rise to an endless amount of design possibilities. If the design can be produced to the exact dimensions of the hoarding, then it can be brought to life by our in-house production team.


Installing Dibond Hoardings

We manage everything under one roof here at Lavastar. We find that is far quicker, simpler and more cost-effective that way. That goes for the initial site survey which is carried out by one of our expert account managers, the comprehensive design service which we provide absolutely free of charge, right through to the production and finally installation of the printed Dibond hoarding panels.


illuminated dibond hoarding at night in London


Many signage companies offer Dibond hoardings but so often we see them executed to a disappointing level. At Lavastar we pride ourselves on our unparalleled installation method where extreme attention to detail and an impeccable finish come as standard. All of our installers are trained in-house with team leaders coming from carpentry or similarly skilled backgrounds. Each team is equipped with all the relevant power tools meaning no matter the magnitude of the challenge which awaits them on site, our installers can overcome it with ultimate precision.