Heras Fencing Branding

At Lavastar we are huge fans of Heras fencing branding and feel that it is one of the most cost-effective and adaptable forms of signage out there. The Heras fencing itself consists of individual panels which are linked together to section off certain areas. It is used frequently in the construction and events industries thanks to its temporary nature and ease of mobility.


Heras fencing branding then, is a system of individual printed banners which are attached to each fence panel. Once installed, the banners will create a continuous run and can be used to display company logos, deliver messages and improve the presentation of an area. The key benefit here is that designs can be broken down into single panels and thus, easily re-used by the client wherever Heras fencing may be needed in the future.


Uses and benefits of Heras fencing branding

• Can be used to screen off an area and provide more privacy

• Can be used to display company logos and messages for advertising

• Can be used to create more branding space for sponsors

• Can be designed in small runs and therefore be reused

• Are cost-effective to produce and easy to install


Production and installation of Heras fencing banners

Heras fencing banners can be printed on either mesh or solid PVC. The choice between the two depends on what the banners are being used for and where they will be installed. If the answer is outside, then mesh would usually be the better option as it will allow wind to pass through it and wind loading will be less of an issue. Solid PVC on the other hand would allow no see-through ability and therefore provide better privacy for what lies behind the banner.


When installing Heras fencing branding, the banners are positioned using industrial strength cable ties and then tensioned in place to create a smooth and uniform finish. At Lavastar, all of the Heras fence banners which we produce are finished with heavy duty eyelets and hemmed edges. This allows them to withstand stronger winds without the risk of tearing. It also means that they can be easily installed, cut down and re-used without causing any damage to the banner.