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Lavastar’s commitment to quality has made us a go-to provider of floor signs and graphics in London and throughout the UK since our founding in 2015. In that time, we have provided durable, high-quality floor graphics and signs to brands both big and small. 

Whether you’re looking to improve wayfinding, quickly and effectively communicate promotions and information, improve aesthetics or have a unique plan for your graphics – our precise replication of your designs, or bespoke packages including access to the expertise of our in-house graphic designers, can bring your project to life. We always work to deliver the calibre of product that your project deserves.

Although we know that some projects can suit a more ‘off-the-shelf’ product (the rapid requirement for instantly recognisable covid-signage a few years ago, for example), we are committed to fully understanding the look and feel that makes your brand special – and will always make sure that your custom floor signs (indoor or external), graphics and decals properly reflect the brand your customers love.

You can reach out to one of our floor sign and floor graphic specialists today, and we’ll help you explore Lavastar’s bespoke packages, and help you decide the best options for your project.


What are floor signs and floor graphics?

There are almost as many types of floor sign and floor graphic as there are floors, and although we’ve produced custom floor signs for a huge number of uses, the most common tend to be for promotional, informational, or simply for wayfinding or decoration. What all of our signage has in common, however, is that all of them are about communication – and if you’re looking for indoor or external floor signs or graphics, then you likely have something you need to say.

  • Promotional: – these will tend to be, though are not always, for short term advertising or decoration; for conferences, for sales, for product launches, and often need to catch the eye and deliver an offer or message in a literal blink of an eye. They need to pull the eye down and keep it there for long enough to say what you need (and hopefully leave the reader happy to have seen it).
  • Informational: – floor signs and graphics of this type don’t need to have the same wow-factor as their promotional cousins, but they still need to pack information into a single glance. The world is now familiar with the one way system and two metre distancing floor signs, but what they may not know is the amount of design time that goes into the best informational signage (it’s this kind of expertise and experience that Lavastar brings to a project).
  • Wayfinding: – you’ll have experienced examples of this kind of floor signage and floor graphics in hospitals – they’re the colour-coded lines that stop you ending up in the maternity ward for an optometrist appointment. Not all lines are born equal, however, and the best wayfinding projects will take your brand into account as much as your building.
  • Decorative: – decorative floor signs and graphics are some of the easiest to do and the hardest to do right. They’re not just about making use of a blank space, they’re about using that blank space to say the right thing about your business, or to inspire the right feeling in your visitors.

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What are floor signs and floor graphics made from?

Lavastar provides a range of adhesive printed floor signs and graphics, from shop floor vinyl decals to custom branded lino and a range of external solutions for stone, cobbles and tarmac. The most common materials for floor graphics include:

  • Vinyl: – among the most durable and the most common materials for floor signs, vinyl floor signs are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a synthetic polymer of plastic. 
  • Photoluminescent vinyl: – charged by natural or artificial lights, photoluminescent vinyl, or ‘glow-in-the-dark’ vinyl is a treated form of standard PVC (typically using zinc sulphide or strontium aluminate) which is commonly used in emergency signage (such as emergency wayfinding floor signs or graphics).
  • Lino: – while it has many of the same properties as vinyl, lino is actually a solidified mix of linseed oil (linoxyn), resin, sawdust and mineral fillers, which can make it an excellent choice for eco-friendly floor signs and graphics.

Our commitment to delivering what your project needs means that the materials we use will differ from project to project depending on what you’re trying to achieve and where it needs to be installed. For example, though outdoor installations often use the same materials as indoor projects, outdoor floor signage requires a secondary lamination process that helps it to deal with the additional wear-and-tear and weathering it will face outdoors.

At Lavastar, we provide a free site survey; this helps us make sure that you get the product that suits your needs (and also helps us to reduce unforeseen problems and keep timescales to a minimum).

Leaders in floor signs and floor graphics across London and the UK

Not only has our team become a go-to provider of signs and graphics for some of the UKs best loved businesses, we also have dedicated teams of fully qualified, CSCS registered sign installers across the UK. 

This means that we can ensure your signage says what you need it to say, in the way you need it said, and also that we can install your floor signs and graphics quickly and safely without interruption to your business.

Floor signs and floor graphics FAQ

What are floor signs and floor graphics

Floor signs and floor graphics encapsulates all signage which is deployed on internal and external floors to enhance the appearance of a building, help with navigation or promote a product or service.

What are floor signs and floor graphics for?

Although there are numerous uses, the most common floor signs and graphics tend to be for promotion, information, wayfinding or decoration. However, all floor signs and graphics are about communication - so make sure they’re saying the right thing.

What are the benefits of floor signs and floor graphics?

If done well, floor signs and graphics can catch the eye and deliver an offer, information or inspire a feeling in a literal blink of an eye. They pull the eye down, say what you need and leave the reader happy to have seen it.

How do I enquire about bespoke floor signs and floor graphic designs?

To find out more about our custom floor signs and graphics, you can contact our team on 020 3281 7395 or info@lavastar.co.uk. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have, and provide a free survey ahead of the project.

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Esaiyas Mollallegn - TVH

The team have a fantastic knowledge of product and have always delivered when it comes to meeting deadlines. They will always aim to make the clients life as easy as possible.

Esaiyas Mollallegn - TVH

Scoot Nicol - Pinks Mews

We found Lavastar proactive and ambitious in meeting our tight deadlines and would be more than happy to use them on future projects.

Scoot Nicol - Pinks Mews

Julia Martin - Brunel Uni

Working with Lavastar has been easy and professional from start to finish. Their creative ideas simply fly off the page and stand out amongst the competition; no one else came close.

Julia Martin - Brunel Uni