Event Installation Company

Premier League event set up by Lavastar

Lavastar are one of the UK’s leading event signage & installation companies specialising in corporate events such as exhibitions, trade shows and conferences. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a total event installation package including transport, branding and support staffing. Our ability to offer this all-in-one service provides our clients with a cost effective solution, free from time consuming logistics planning and unnecessary dealings with multiple companies.

Event Installation Logistics

Lavastar have successfully installed multiple events across the UK and in a number of locations throughout Europe including Dublin, Amsterdam and Stockholm. We have access to a large fleet of transport vehicles such as Luton vans, 18 tonne lorries and artic lorries so no matter the scale or location of your event, you can guarantee that we will be able to deliver on-time, every time. We understand that in the events industry the reusability of equipment is absolutely crucial in order to maximise profits. This is why we have specially trained crews ready to load and offload our vehicles with the utmost precaution, ensuring that all equipment is securely stowed for the duration of transit.

Supply of signage - install and de-rig of event

Event Installation Crew

Lavastar can provide a limitless number of experienced event installation staff who are all trained in-house on our best methods of practice and expertly briefed before arriving at any event site. This means that when the day of installation comes, our crew know exactly what needs to be done and can be as productive as possible thus eliminating any time spent managing external staff. In the rare occasion that there are fields of expertise which surpass our events installation teams, we have great connections with trusted tradesman including electricians, carpenters, signage installers and carpet fitters who can be called upon to help get the job done safely and to a high industry standard.

Event Branding & Installation

With over fifteen years of experience in events signage before expanding into event installation, it is safe to say that we are true experts when it comes to event branding. Lavastar can design, produce and install all of the necessary elements needed to transform a boring hall into a vibrant and exciting location for a more than memorable event. All of our events signage is produced in house using top of the range materials and equipment, examples of which include pull up displays, wall wraps, hanging graphics, printed flooring and window graphics. What’s more, we can offer invaluable advice on which elements we find to work the best and which are going to be the most profitable investments for future events.

No matter the industry; be it sport, music, sales or property, we are confident that we can install it successfully. We boast years of experience in event installation working for brands such as The Completely Group, The Natural History Museum and The Premier League and the one thing our clients comment on time and time again is our punctuality, our truly personalised service and our ability to simply get the job done smoothly without any hiccups. If you like the sound of what we can offer or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0845 459 4525.