Stadium signage

It’s hard to attend any major sporting event nowadays and not be completely surrounded by signs. The vast majority of stadium signage is usually sponsor related and even when it’s not, sponsors often manage to sneak a logo in somewhere. This is due to the sheer number of people who view and attend these events, it makes advertising at them an amazing way to get your brand seen, but it’s all well and good people seeing your brand, if the signs don’t look up to scratch then you run the risk of people associating the poor quality with your brand.


However it’s not all about sponsors and slapping a logo on everything, stadium signage is essential for both making a stadium function efficiently, and for the stadium itself to look the part. There’s actually a whole range of signage at sports stadiums that you wouldn’t even think needed to look good, for example wayfinding and navigational signs directing you to the toilets, but it’s all about branding the stadium itself and ensuring even the smallest of details looks good, that’s what makes a stadium world class.


As mentioned earlier you can usually separate stadium signs into two categories: advertisement and functionality. If we look at a football stadium as an example, advertisement is primarily seen on pitch side sponsor boards; this is because that is the area most eyes are on at any one time so as a company trying to get your brand seen, there is no better place to post a sign. Then we come to the signs that both look great to fit in with the branding of the stadium, but also serve a purpose for people looking at them. The main example of this would be wayfinder systems, these are the signs that direct you to the right stand, the right seat, the snack bar, the toillets, the way out, etc. Then of course you have the signs at the end of these wayfinder systems which let you know you’ve found what you were looking for, ‘toilets’, ‘stand B’, ‘Big Dave’s Snack Bar’. Other stadium signage could include but is not limited to: player names in the dressing room, window graphics, and commentary box signage.


Here at Lavastar signs we can realise literally any stadium signage needs you may have. We manage projects from gate signs to entire stadiums, all the way through from the planning and design stage to manufacture and installation. With over 20 years of design experience, and a real insight into the sporting industry, there’s no job we cannot do, so get in touch and kick off a winning streak with your stadium signs.

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