Building Site Hoarding Design

Our clients who invested in a Lavastar building site hoarding design have been amazed by the positive effect this has had on their business – many have told us of the upsurge in enquiries received since the hoardings went up and this is testament to the quality service that Lavastar provide. To maximise the impact of a hoarding design you can no longer be just a sign company. To deliver an eye catching hoarding, not only do you need marketing experience, an eye for design and attention to detail, you also need a company who can look after all those elements under one roof…enter Lavastar.

As soon as we begin a project and have carried out a site survey, your building site hoarding design kicks off with flat vector visuals like you see above. We offer a number of options based on the project spec and then present them to you.

As part of the process you will have picked out a suitable flat vector design but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to fit once the hoarding is up. So here at Lavastar we offer something no other signage company offers – we take your flat building site hoarding design and turn it into a miniature working concept, so if you requested any additional features, you can touch, feel and see them working as they would in real life.

At Lavastar we boast over 35 years of inventive design and marketing experience. It is our mission to take this creative energy and unleash it across our site hoarding designs.