Why You Should Choose Printed Hoardings For Your Project

printed hoarding graphics

Whether used on the construction site or for refurbishing retail premises, printed hoarding graphics have many benefits which extend beyond their protective nature. An innovative way to brighten up plain hoardings, printed panels can be used for various purposes. Hoardings present a veritable blank canvas for businesses to utilise, with graphics the most popular way to make the most of this space.

At Lavastar, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive service, providing an expert touch from start to finish. But is a printed graphic right for you? Here’s some reasons to consider them for your project.

Use Hoarding Graphics As An Advertising Platform

Hoarding board graphics are among the most powerful forms of out of house advertising. In fact, we take in messages from these printed hoardings on a daily basis. When you stroll by a building site or commercial renovation, chances are there’s some form of advertisement being displayed on the hoardings. As they’re typically utilised in areas of heavy public footfall, graphic panels are a great way to drum up brand recognition. Plus, they spruce up a dull, plain hoarding into a far more appealing talking point.

A blank hoarding represents a missed opportunity for marketing. When you factor in the sizeable costs of purchasing billboard space independently, they’re also cost-effective. We’re talking ready-made advertising space, in an opportune location, which is legally required to be there. Hoarding graphics add value while putting your brand or project in the forefront of the public’s mind. Failing to capitalise on this opportunity potentially lets customers and revenue go to waste. Our bespoke hoarding graphic service gives you free reign over how you want to portray your brand to the public.

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Maintain A Professional Brand Image

Not only does a plain wooden hoarding look drab and unappealing, it also highlights any wear and tear that the panel endures while it’s erected. To keep your project and brand looking professional in the eyes of the public, printing will cover up any imperfections. By adding branding to the hoarding, you create a strong identity in the eyes of the public. As such, once the building stage is complete, they will associate the finished article with your company.

A sleek graphic is also incredibly professional. Creating an aesthetically pleasing banner, the hoardings shout about your brand in a way which makes it appear more authoritative. Pictures say a thousand words, after all. Establish a clear brand identity on your advertising hoardings with Lavastar. We use the latest in graphic printing technology to produce picture perfect hoarding graphics you can be proud of.

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Stimulate Interest And Engagement In The Community

Depending on the location of your project, you may come across some opposition to your project. After all, unsightly building works are seldom flavour of the month with the general public. Hoarding graphics can go a long way to smoothing a bristled response, particularly if they broadcast customised images which are of local interest. Giving a sneak preview of your project with a graphic depiction of how it will look can also put the community at ease that the finished product will be a beneficial addition to the area.

In some instances, community engagement can be raised by getting local figures involved with hoarding graphic design. For example, featuring images created by locals, or including symbols and logos associated with the area, creates an inclusive temporary solution rather than a homogenised eyesore. Furthermore, hoarding graphics, particularly those including specialist cladding, are known to deter graffiti. This type of printed hoarding helps to spruce up the community’s cleanliness while also drawing interest by showcasing your project.

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