Tensioned Fabric Signage

When it comes to covering large and relatively flat surfaces with graphics, tensioned fabric signage is unparalleled in both its versatility and the finish it creates. A tensioned fabric sign is commonly printed on solid PVC; an ideal canvas which gives rise to endless creative possibilities in a full spectrum of vibrant colours. One of the great benefits of a spirit-flex banner is that once the framework is installed, the banner can be changed time and time again, allowing for regular re-branding and marketing updates.


Spirit Flex tensioned banner installation

Benefits of Installing Tensioned Banner Graphics

  • Tensioned fabric signage is a cost-effective means of covering large areas
  • Printing direct to PVC allows for an endless amount of design possibilities
  • Spirit-flex banners have no visible fixings which gives a premium finish
  • The tensioned PVC banner can be replaced as new marketing campaigns come into effect using the original framework
  • Tensioned fabric banners are highly visible and look incredible once installed
  • Drum skin tight finish
  • Any size can be achieved


Printed tensioned banner system


How Spirit-Flex Banners Are Installed

Lavastar are one of the leading spirit-flex installers covering London and the rest of the UK (and Europe). Our experience has taught us that proper installation of tensioned fabric signage is of paramount importance should the banner have any longevity. The foundation of the tensioned PVC banner is the aluminium trim which the banner is fixed into. This trim must be installed to the façade which the banner will be covering, creating a large frame for it to be positioned in. It is crucial that the fixings of this aluminium trim are solid and plentiful, as they will need to withstand a huge amount of force once the banner is tensioned in place. Once the framework is installed, the banner is dropped from the highest point in the frame and gradually tensioned in place. The result is a drum-skin tight finish and hopefully some graphics which deliver great impact.


Full colour stretch PVC tensioned banner system installation


Popular Uses for Tensioned Fabric Banners

  • Tensioned banner graphics can be used to postpone the need for expensive building works such as re-rendering walls
  • Tensioned fabric signage is popular for exterior advertising space in built up areas
  • Re-branding of shopfronts
  • Spirit-flex banners can be used to wrap unsightly structures to reduce their visual impact
  • Tensioned fabric banners can create a layer of protection should the building façade be in poor condition

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