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Sign Design

At lavastar we boast over 25 years graphic design experience – knowledge and expertise that helps Lavastar stand out over and above any signage company in the South. Our ‘Design-to-Fit’ service means we can design the graphics for your new logo, apply it to any sign format before building and installing the sign design.

We can also use our design expertise to create signs for advertising campaigns or events and will happily work closely with your own design team to achieve the desired results.

Using our design knowledge and software skills we also offer a ‘Super Imposing’ service that allows you to see what your end product will look like before it is manufactured and installed. Our signs can be used internally or externally and are easily customisable to fit your existing branding and space.

Our sign design service is suitable for any business in any sector. We work with schools, hospitals, retails outlets, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, small business and more to create eye-catching, memorable sign designs that reflect your branding and identity. We use modern technology and quality materials to build your signs and will install them for you too. Get in and learn more from our design team.