What do your office wall signs say about you?

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Let’s face it – getting that big office wall sign was at least 50% of the reason you founded your business and now the moment has arrived. Do you go with a full six foot neon creation, something metallic, classy, embossed? Your office wall signs say more about your business than you might think – they speak to your visitors, potential clients, to your staff, they can make a real difference to how your business is perceived and how it works.

The way we view and use office spaces has changed a lot over the last decade – and that requires us to shift the way we think about office wall signage.

What is office wall signage?

You could reasonably say that any sign on an office wall is office wall signage, but what we’re talking about here is the kind of signage that has specific business, aesthetic and motivational applications. In this respect, office wall signage is logos, inspirational or people focused signage, and decorative signage that conveys a message about who you are as a business and sets the scene when a client or prospect visits.


Metal cut lettering fixed to marketing suite wall

What makes for good office wall signage?

The first thing that makes for a good project in this area is stakeholder consultation (trust your marketing team!) – you likely pay people to look after your brand on and off-line and that’s where you should start when it comes to your office wall signage. It can be tempting to follow the latest trends (we’ve lost track of the number of businesses that redecorated their offices to fit in with the Google aesthetic before having to redecorate a short time later), but your office is the home of the business and everything about it should speak to your brand.

Your office wall signage is a huge part of this – a visitor to your office should know what you’re about as soon as they step through the door, and that means that you’ll need to do some soul searching in advance. By the time you’re investing in custom office wall signs, you should know exactly who your brand is, how it speaks, what it says and how it wants to make people feel. The signage should flow from this same source.

Types of office wall signage

Offices changed a lot in the latter half of the 20th century – and they’ve continued to change in the 21st, not least as a result of the work-from-home boom that followed the covid pandemic. What we want from an office, how we want staff to feel about an office and even what an office is for have all been subject to radical reconsideration

Digital signage

A wall mounted screen, this is the most versatile form of in-office signage, and while it lacks the tactile nature of other varieties (and, we’d say, some of the charm), they can be regularly updated to include performance updates, welcome messages and more.


feature office wall


Illuminated signs

Illuminated, or LED signs are generally text or logo based and feature either embedded or back lighting. With the right design, these can be real showstoppers and make an instant impact on visitors.

Printed wall graphics

These can vary enormously from inspirational quotes to nature scenes to abstract graphics to branded mission statements (and much more besides) and can turn those blank office walls into features that impact how staff feel about the office and how clients perceive your brand when they arrive.

Reception signs

This sign type can be a simple ‘you’ve arrived at reception’ welcome sign all the way up to 3D illuminated logos that are statement pieces aiming to firmly establish your brand the moment someone reaches the front desk. 

Window graphics

Whether used for privacy purposes or to add a little flair to office or meeting room windows, these signs tend to be transfers that elevate your office branding and can add a bit of welcome colour. 

So what does your office wall signage say about you?

In short, it can say anything you like – and it’s a really powerful and overlooked tool for creative positive and lasting impressions of a business, for fostering creativity and collaboration, reducing stress and much more besides. However, it takes a lot of thought to get it right – so take your time and make sure you’re working with a business that really understands what you’re about and can guide you through the process to achieve the best results.


Bespoke curved office wall signage

Lavastar’s Office Wall Signage

Since 2015, Lavastar has quickly established itself as a trusted provider of signs and graphics for businesses all over the UK. We pride ourselves on providing an end to end service, and have assembled talented teams of designers, manufacturers and installers nationwide. We will always try to ensure your project meets the four primary needs for signage – but also that it reinforces your brand wherever possible. From design to manufacturing and installation, we’re a team you can trust.

To find out more about our custom property management signage, you can contact our team on 020 3281 7395 or info@lavastar.co.uk.