Perforated Window Vinyl

Perforated window vinyl, also known as one-way vision vinyl, is a truly modern design. Perforated vinyl refers to material which is pierced with miniscule holes. This technique promotes the one-way vision this style of window graphic is hailed for.

This highly visual yet non-intrusive form of window graphic is offered as a bespoke service, allowing you to decide which graphics and lettering you’d like broadcasted. If you’re interested in adding high quality perforated window vinyl to your property, request a call back from our expert team today.

What Is Perforated Window Vinyl?

Perforated window vinyl is among the most effective ways of maximising the window space of your store. The perforate vinyl, when utilised on glass, provides privacy to a building’s interior while simultaneously showcasing attention-grabbing visual graphics to those on the exterior.

Manufactured using premium-grade opaque vinyl, perforated window graphics are ideal for those looking to showcase stunningly stylish designs while obstructing view from the outside. Perfect for office buildings, residential properties, window shop fronts and more, a perforated window display adds a touch of professionalism and privacy to all buildings.


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The Benefits Of Perforated Window Vinyl


The main benefit of a perforated window vinyl decal is the one-way vision it facilitates. A blank window is an unused advertising opportunity. If you’re keen to hide away the interior of your space, without letting this opportunity go to waste, perforated window decals boast the dual benefit of blocking vision while creating beautiful designs.

Perforated window vinyl is also adept at blocking direct sunlight while helping to keep building temperature down during the warmer months. An energy efficient money saver, many businesses who utilise a perforated window design have also reported the benefit of a reduction in their energy bills.

As well as protection against UV rays and hot temperatures, this form of vinyl is also waterproof. The fully weather-resistant material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application, offering durability and privacy in equal measures.

While protecting the interior of the building from prying eyes, the outward-facing opaque vinyl graphic also maximises the ability for those inside to see outside. Quick and easy to install and maintain, these custom window vinyls are a highly effective and efficient addition to any premises with glass windows or partitions.

Perforated Window Vinyl Size Guide

Perforated window vinyl is ideal for covering the entirety of the window, or sections of it, if you so desire. Suitable for windows of all sizes, our bespoke perforated window vinyl service will provide the exact size and quality of opaque vinyl that you request.

As a general rule of thumb, to account for trimming we recommend that you order a vinyl decal which is around 1” wider and higher than the full size of the window if you’re planning to cover its entire surface area.

Whatever scale your project is, simple request a call back and we’ll be happy to discuss exactly what it is that you need.

FAQs & More Information

Do Perforated Window Clings Damage The Window?

No, with the expert installation service applied by Lavastar, the adhesive window vinyls won’t cause any damage or leave behind harmful residue. While they are long-lasting, they can also be a non-permanent feature for your building and pulling the decal away won’t cause any adverse effects to show up.

How Long Do Perforated Window Vinyl Decals Last?

Typically, perforated window vinyls will last a minimum of 2 years, extending beyond this with correct care. A low-maintenance addition, our high-quality UV-resistant graphics are highly durable. Of course, consistent exposure to extreme weather conditions is likely to shorten the lifespan, although our robust vinyls are built to deal with most adverse elements.

What's The Best Way To Care For Perforated Window Vinyl?

To maximise the lifespan of your perforated window vinyl, correct installation is key, especially if it is applied to storefronts. Lavastar provide full installation as a part of our bespoke service, ensuring smooth application which won’t allow any moisture or dirt to creep beneath the vinyl. As such, this reliable service maintains both the adhesion and visual appeal of the vinyl.

Following full installation, regular cleaning will keep dirt and dust away from the edges of the vinyl, maximising its lifespan. To clean perforated window vinyl graphics, lightly apply a damp cloth to it. Be sure to avoid pressure washers and similar appliances as they run the risk of peeling the perforated vinyl away from the window.

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Rebecca Sawyer - Completely

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Lavastar are passionate about what they do and experts in their field. This is evident in their approach from the initial design stage to post completion.

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