Welcome Workers Back With Fresh New Look Interior Office Signage

Now that everyone’s going back to work, all sorts of organisations are reconsidering how they should present themselves to their employees.

The workplace environment is a major influence on workforce motivation, and one of the most immediate and cost-effective ways to improve employee enthusiasm is to refresh the appearance of your offices by investing in stylish new interior office signage.

An Investment In Stylish Reception Signage Will Help Build Better Brand Recognition.

It’s the first thing that people observe when they enter your offices, so your reception signage will be seen to reflect what your company stands for.  And, if it’s old and out of date, that’s how your employees, and your customers, will perceive your business!

We work with companies in London and across the UK to ensure that their reception signage is saying the right things about their brand.

This often begins with the creation and installation of three-dimensional or raised flat cut logo signs, or even simple lettering, made from durable plastic or acrylic that can be illuminated from within or highlighted by well-placed external lighting.

Cover Walls To Communicate Key Messages.

Large-format graphic panels are the perfect way to communicate the culture of your company to your customers and your employees.

These messages might be your mission statement, a reinstatement of your core brand values or motivational messages for your staff.



They can even highlight the history of your company or illustrate those projects or client campaigns that you are particularly proud of.

Open Up Your Mind To Printed Door Wraps.

And it’s not just your walls that can work for your business!

We can create customised vinyl door wraps that transforms a plain door into a branded billboard that improves perceptions of your company.

They’re a colourful and unusual way of showcasing your company’s approach and an ideal option to identify the purpose of particular rooms.

We’ll Even Improve Your Wayfinder Signage.

It may not be as exciting as some of our other products, but Wayfinder, or Directional Signage is a crucial part of communication in your office, particularly for employees returning to an office that’s been remodelled.




Our approach is to consider all aspects of the journey from reception to destination within your offices and, in doing so, develop, design and install the most appropriate messages and delivery systems to get everyone where they need to be in the most efficient way possible.

The Lavastar Team Is Here To Help You Improve Your Interior Office Signage

Whatever the message you want to deliver, we will work with you, your designers or your creative agencies to design, print and install cost-effective interior office signage that will improve every aspect of your internal communication to clients and staff alike.


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Should you need them, we have an in-house graphic design team who can work from a blank canvas or with you to bring your own ideas to life.

If you’re a London or UK business and would like to know more about how we can help you improve your interior office signage, please get in touch and our expert team will be delighted to answer your questions.