Printed Stair Riser Graphic Decals

Printed stair graphic decals don’t simply smarten up a standard stairwell.

They’re a wonderful way to promote your brand, educate your audience or simply brighten up an otherwise unloved part of your building.

An innovative option that will turn a mundane, ‘everyday’, area into an eye-catching branding opportunity, stair riser graphics offer an unusual, cost effective, opportunity to promote your brand, organisation or campaign message within a surprisingly high traffic environment.

Let Your Imagination Soar And  Step Into An Alternative World Of Creative Opportunities

Your chosen design can be something as simple as a brand logo or advertising message on each stair, or you can co-ordinate the stair graphics applied to each step to deliver an overall, high-impact, visual display that utilises the staircase space from top to bottom.

With branded stair riser vinyl graphics, your staircase can become a billboard.

Printed Stair Riser Graphics Allow Flexibility For Messages To Adapt To The Environment.

For corporate or government organisations, such as hospitals, the staircase is a natural environment for directional signage where stair riser graphics can direct people to different departments on different floors.

Within a retail environment, such as shopping centres, department stores or duty free areas in airports, tactical promotional campaigns can be supported by temporary stair riser graphics applied to staircases leading to the shops and/or departments within them.

Used in sports stadiums, printed stair risers can be used to highlight sponsor logos and advertising messages, list club achievements and honours, or provide details and images of the current playing squad.

And, in an educational environment, stair riser signs can be a clever way to enabling pupils to continue learning as they move around the school.

Different areas around the school can feature different messages to reinforce their lessons such as inspirational quotes, scientific formula, historic dates, sporting achievements or simply state your school values.

Alternative Options For Indoor & Outdoor Stair Riser Branding.

Depending on the location of the stairs, we can create, print and install high impact, full colour, stair riser graphics in a choice of three materials.

For indoor locations, we can print and matt laminate vinyl stickers and apply a high bond adhesive to the reverse that will keep them in place.

For external locations, we can produce either street wrap vinyl stickers or hard wearing, long lasting, 3mm aluminium composite panels which have printed and matt laminated graphics applied to the front.

We’re Here To Help Turn Stairs Into Signage.

Whatever your message, we will work with you, your designers or your creative agencies to make sure that it stands out on stairs via cost-effective, high-impact, printed stair riser graphics.

Should you need them, we have an in-house graphic design team who can work from a blank canvas or with you to bring your own ideas to life.

Whether you are looking to develop branded stair risers for established premises such as a retail park, industrial estate, office complex, college campus, sports stadium or hospital, or wanting more temporary stair branding for a trade show, sporting event or arts festival, we will work with you, your designers or your creative agencies to print and deliver cost-effective signage produced from sustainable materials.

If you’re a London or UK business and would like to know more about stair riser graphics, please get in touch and our expert team will be delighted to answer all aspects of your questions.