Printed Site Hoardings

Printed site hoardings are an excellent option when it comes to dressing a building site. A site hoarding serves many purposes, such as: hiding unsightly construction works, sectioning off a site from the general public and providing security for expensive equipment or materials on the site. But with a printed site hoarding there are even more benefits, such as: creating an advertising space for passing traffic, marketing the company undertaking the construction project and providing a taster for what is to come.

If you are already considering a site hoarding, your on the right path, but in order to maximise the potential from installing a hoarding in the first place, you should really consider a printed site hoarding. The drawbacks of having simply a wooden hoarding is that it almost always looks a lot less finished than a printed hoarding, the wood often starts to look tatty, even if it’s been painted, and when you apply any signage or logos, it is hard to make them look good.

The way a printed site hoarding would work is as follows. Sheets of aluminium composite are laminated with any print desirable, then these panels are cladded onto the wooden hoarding, giving a very uniform, flush finish that looks extremely professional. Ideally you would install the wooden hoarding and then the panels at the same time to ensure the wood is in perfect condition for applying the panels and you are not left with any imperfections that could otherwise have been avoided.

In terms of what to print onto the hoarding, the possibilities are endless, and in our opinion the more out there the better. The obvious options would be a company logo, contact details and a few lines describing what’s to come. But the great thing about print is that you can have literally anything on your hoarding, in the past we have done printed site hoardings with 3D real life mock ups of the project, printed images of other projects, virtual backgrounds such as brickwork or fencing, huge geometric patterns and even optical illusions that make you stop and stare.

Here at Lavastar we can manage every step of your project, no matter how big or small, from the design and planning stage all the way through to installation and aftercare. We can also install the wooden hoarding so there is no fencing company, no design company, no print company, just Lavastar. With over 20 years in design experience we love being let loose with any wacky ideas you may have, and printed hoardings are one of our personal favourites, so let us make your hoarding incredible, you never know who might see it.