House Builder Flags & Property Development Flags

House Builder Flags or Property Development Flags are a super simple and cost-effective means of advertisement which are widely used in the property development industry due to their reusability and short installation time. However, this isn’t to say that the use of flags for advertisement is limited to the construction industry, House Builder Flags may also be known as Forecourt Flags if they are used on a car sales forecourt for example.

What is a House Builder Flag?

Well, a House Builder Flag is quite simply a flagpole and flag system often used to display company logos or other advertisement messages wherever the company may see fit.

What are the benefits of using a House Builder Flag?

– House Builder Flags are very eye-catching due to their tall height and the possibility of printing the flag in vibrant colours.
– They are relatively simple to install and remove. Depending on the installation method they rarely leave any irreversible damage making them ideal for semi-permanent purposes such as outside marketing suites where they may be known as Marketing Suite Flags.
– Property Development Flags take up very little space so can be an ideal replacement for other signs in areas where there is no room for large frameworks. This also means they won’t obstruct the visibility of your site from onlookers.
– They can be spread over large distances to reduce cost whilst maintaining advertising coverage of a larger area.
– They can be used alongside other means of advertisement such as totem pole signs and site hoardings to give a premium and professional look.
– Depending on how they are installed the entire system may be reusable and the flags are interchangeable meaning you can achieve a ‘new’ look with very little work compared to with other signs.

How is a House Building Flag installed?

There are various methods of installing a House Building Flag and each method will vary depending on the ground it is being fixed to and each will affect it’s reusability.

– Ground Sleeve Method: This is the most popular method where by a hole is dug and a ground sleeve is cemented in place which the flag pole slots into, this is a very secure and more permanent method of fixing but it may be difficult to remove the ground sleeve once the pole is removed.
– Shoe Base Method: This method can only be used with flagpoles with a shoe base, this is where the flagpole has a base welded to it which can be bolted directly into the ground.
– Mandrel Mounting Method: This method is a combination of the two above and also an anchor point method where a special base is bolted to the ground with a  tube which the flagpole slots over.

Overall the House Building Flag is a very effective means of advertising which we see working well time and time again. Here at Lavastar we manage every step of bringing your House Building Flag to you, from design and print of the banner, to installation of the flagpole itself. We are expert property development flag installers and have vast experience with all types of property development signage and other signage. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us we would love to hear from you!