Customised Printed Pavement Vinyl Graphics

Suitable for all types of outdoor footpaths, pavements and parking bays, printed street & pavement vinyl graphics that can be customised and cut to shape are an ideal way to get your brand or promotional message in front of your target audience.

Quick and easy to install, vinyl street wraps are waterproof, durable and R12 slip-rated.  They’re hard wearing, even in harsh weather, and will mould themselves to the contours of the floor surface to deliver a high quality, high-impact, low-cost, visual message.

Outdoor Street & Pavement Vinyls Are The First Step To Communicate Your Message.

Our external street vinyls can be printed in vibrant colours, using premium eco-solvent inks applied to an innovative aluminium foil-based graphic media that can be cut to any shape to suit your logo or design of your campaign materials.

And, because the ink is directly applied to a slip resistance surface, they’re designed for outdoor floor surfaces with no need for lamination.

Promotional Vinyl Street Wraps Are Simple To Install Without Needing Specialist Equipment.

They should be applied when the surface is 10°C or slightly higher and after all loose gravel and dust has been removed.  If the surface is greasy or oily, it should be cleaned with a degreaser before applying the vinyls.

To apply the printed vinyls to a street or pavement, simply remove the backing sheet, place and compress it to the surface using a hard rubber roller, or similar.  Once the printed pavement stickers adhere correctly, they should take on the same texture as the surface.

Outdoor Pavement Vinyl Graphics Are Hard-Wearing, Long Lasting And Easy To Remove.

Exterior printed promotional vinyls for streets & pavements will last for around one year, although this will depend upon the volume and type of traffic that goes over them and whether or not they are in direct sunlight.  They can withstand cold temperatures of up to -40°C.

Although outdoor pavement and street vinyls can be cleaned by power washing, we recommend using a hosepipe and mop to wipe the surface.

At the end of your campaign, simply lift up the vinyl graphics from the street or pavement at an angle of less than 45° to remove them without leaving residue, then dispose of them with your aluminium recycling.

We’re Here To Help You Create High-Impact, Outdoor Street & Pavement Vinyl Graphics.

Whatever your message, we will work with you, your designers or your creative agencies to make sure that it stands out outdoors via cost-effective printed pavement vinyl graphics and street wraps.

Should you need them, we have an in-house graphic design team who can work from a blank canvas or with you to bring your own ideas to life.

If you’re a London or UK business and would like to know more about printed pavement vinyl graphics and street wraps, please get in touch and our expert team will be delighted to answer your questions.