Site Hoarding in Surrey


If you require a site hoarding and based in Surrey then let Lavastar look after the job from design to fit. As a sign manufacturer we can offer anything from basic builders boards to be nailed to the hoarding to printed graphics that stretch across the whole site. Being able to erect the hoarding and then fit design cladded boards allows us to carry out the whole job for less money.

With the large amounts of high end estates around Surrey we know that certain site hoardings are allowed limited graphics, all of this is taken into consideration in the design stage. Whether its a certain colour the cladded boards have to be supplied in, or your only allow a small sign to promote your business name, we at Lavastar will deliver the job to the highest standards.

If you require a site hoarding in or around Surrey but want something thats going to stand out from the basic printed hoardings then why not site down with or design team and let us produce the concepts. We have produced a number of bespoke hoardings in the past that produce stunning results.