Site Hoarding Design

Site hoarding design is one of our favourite parts of the job. Why? Because it is the main part of the project where we can really let our creative sides shine and come up with some truly spectacular designs. Here is a little insight into how the design process goes here at Lavastar.

Hoarding graphic design

The first step in site hoarding design is to get a rough idea of what we’re working with. This means finding out what size the hoarding is, if there is to be any bespoke features, what it is the customer is hoping to achieve with the hoarding, and what their budget is. However this isn’t to say that budget is everything, any hoarding with Lavastar is guaranteed to look the business, but when you start incorporating LED illumination for example the cost can creep up.

professional hoarding designers

The next step is graphics. The majority of site hoarding design projects we undertake require some sort of graphic element, be it digitally printed and laminated panels, or a series of vinyl sticker designs. This usually means a company logo and some text… How creative! This is where we come in. A hoarding in our eyes is a blank canvas, through the application of graphics you can turn your hoarding into quite literally a work of art. Although text is often very practical, the hoardings that make you look twice are the ones with more than just text on a plain background. 

We use Adobe Illustrator to draw up all our designs, which are later printed and cut using our high tech printer ready for application onto the hoarding panels. Another great thing we like to use Illustrator for is to create 3D visuals of what your hoarding will look like when it’s complete, this allows us to really show a client the different possibilities for their site hoarding so they can almost see it in the flesh before making a decision on what site hoarding design they go for.

Another step we like to take to ensure the customer is going to love what we have in store is to actually physically create a miniature concept of the hoarding using actual materials so they can hold in their hands a downsized version of what the hoarding will look like upon completion, this way we can be completely certain that the client is happy with what they are getting, and so that can be as excited as we are for the installation process.

This may sound like a lot of work before the hoarding is even put up, but we take great care and passion when it comes to site hoarding design, and with over 20 years in design experience there is nothing we love more than to innovate and please our customers with the most cutting edge designs and features ever to have been seen on a hoarding. If this sounds like the type of service and quality you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.