Scaffolding Wraps London

Scaffolding wraps are becoming increasingly popular on construction sites in and around London. This is because companies such as our own are making them more accessible, affordable and versatile than ever before. Lavastar are industry leaders when it comes to all aspects of printed scaffolding wrap. Whether it be design, production or installation, we offer an all-in-one solution which takes the legwork out of erecting scaffolding wrap advertising in London.


scaffold wrap in London by Lavastar


Benefits of Printed Scaffold Wrap for London Building Sites

The city of London and its outskirts are a hive of development and with new construction sites opening each day, developers are finding more and more reason to install wrap around scaffolding banners. The benefits are vast and varied, but the following are some of the key reasons and are often mentioned in client feedback:


> Scaffolding wrap is effective at reducing the level of noise generated by a building site with a scaffold erected. This can be particularly popular for high profile residential locations where sound measuring is in effect.


> Building wraps help to limit the escape of dust and debris from within a building site. This not only reduces the environmental impact of a building site but it also adds to the health and safety of a site.


> Printed scaffolding wrap is an extremely effective marketing tool. Not only will it keep a site looking tidy but it will also help promote brand awareness and portray a more professional image for a company.

Scaffolding wrap advertising can be used to promote the internal development, or alternatively, space can be to sold to large brands for them to promote their products. The latter can often cover the price of the wrap itself, whilst allowing the site to benefit from all of the above.


scaffolding wrapped by Lavastar


Requirements and Recommendations for London Scaffold Wraps

Whenever a scaffolding wrap project is undertaken, we will always offer a free site survey to ensure that the requirements are met for the banner to be installed. We will come out to inspect the current scaffolding and advise whether any additional framework will need to be added. We will also discuss wind loading and ensure that the necessary calculations have been made. If any of the necessary requirements are not met, then no problem at all, we can happily advise and assist you in getting your scaffold wrap ready in the shortest possible timeframe.