Scaffolding Advertising Banners London

Scaffolding advertising banners are a highly effective form of physical advertising which are commonly used in busy cities such as London. The great advantage of scaffolding banners is that they are positioned above ground level, allowing them to gain a much larger exposure at a much greater distance than a similar advert at street level. Created by fixing a printed banner to a scaffolding using an additional framework, they have a very sleek and professional finish. This makes them attractive to both the property developer managing the works looking to market their upcoming project, but also to advertising agencies buying up high profile advertising space to sell on to large corporations.


printed scaffold advertising by Lavastar


What are the benefits from wrapping your scaffolding on site?

Scaffolding advertising banners have benefits far beyond generating sales for the companies using them to advertise their products. Wrapping a scaffolding with a printed advert banner will also inadvertently:


> Reduce noise and dust pollution coming from within the site

> Reduce the visual impact the site has on passers-by and local residents

> Provide protection from the elements for any exposed areas behind the banner

> Provide privacy and build excitement for what’s to be come


When these factors are taken into consideration, we feel that it is very beneficial for a property developer to make provisions to install a scaffolding advertising banner right from the word go. This allows time to seek planning approval and create an advertising campaign which makes use of this highly visible space, or alternatively, to put steps in place to sell the advertising space and generate some additional revenue.


Scaffolding ad printing London by Lavastar


Why working with Lavastar on your scaffold advertising banner is the right choice

Lavastar offer a premium solution when it comes to scaffolding advertising banners in London. Compared to many other suppliers looking to keep costs down, we ensure that all of our scaffolding banners are printed on a high pass rate. This is a printing method which uses more ink yet eliminates the risk of any banding, which can be devastatingly obvious for banners printed at any great size. What’s more, all of our banners are finished with reinforced eyelets and hems so that they can withstand even the strongest of winds.

Should you be interested in a printed scaffolding banner in London, Lavastar can offer expert advice and assist with every step of the process. From the additional framework needed to house the banner, to planning restrictions, wind-loading diagrams and even design advice, we have a wealth of experience and manage the entire process in house.

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