Property Hoarding Design

At Lavastar we specialise in the creative design of property development hoardings. We are one of the select few signage companies who continue to offer an all-in-one solution, including design, print, production and installation. We boast our own dedicated department of highly skilled product and graphic designers who create and optimise the designs of all of our site hoardings.


hoarding design ideas


Design Process of a Building Site Hoarding

1) Any property hoarding design project will start with an initial consultation. This is best achieved in person, but can easily be done over the phone or via Skype. This consultation allows us to discuss any existing design ideas you may already have and get a feel for what you are looking to achieve from a design perspective. If you have a detailed design brief or some branding elements at this stage, even better. If not, we can simply work with what has been discussed in the consultation.


2) Our design department will then be briefed on your requirements and will begin work on your property hoarding design. Our designers will always produce a number of creative and innovative options for you to chose from. If there are elements from each of these designs which you like, we can easily combine them to create the perfect solution. If you have clear guidelines of what you are looking to achieve then the designs are likely to be more similar. However, if you are happy to let our creative sides run free, you are likely to be presented with three very unique and eye catching hoarding designs.


illuminated development hoarding design


Benefits of In-House Printed Hoarding Design

We believe that designing a property development hoarding in-house provides far better end results when compared with outsourcing the work. This is largely down to our experience in producing these designs. We know better than anyone what will and won’t work when it comes to production and installation. We also have a wealth of knowledge on the various material options you can incorporate into your hoarding design. What’s more, our design services are absolutely free of charge when you chose a Lavastar hoarding. Just imagine what that time and budget can be used for now you don’t have to pay or deal with any external design agencies!