Printed Scaffolding Mesh Banners

Scaffolding Mesh Banners

Scaffolding mesh banners are digitally printed banners which are used to take advantage of scaffolding and add branding to a construction site. Printed scaffold netting is a fantastic form of advertisement which will also greatly improve the presentation of your site. A scaffolding banner is highly visible, far more so than a printed site hoarding for example, and with the right message, printed scaffolding banners will allow you to easily and directly communicate with potential buyers.

Printed scaffold sheeting can be used to cover sections of the scaffold, or to wrap the entire scaffold, thus creating a breathable building wrap. Printed mesh scaffolding covers are installed by fixing additional framework to the existing scaffold. This framework sits proud of the scaffolding itself, reducing the risk of any scaffolding poles protruding into the banner when it is fitted. Not only does this reduce the risk of any tearing, but it also allows for a perfectly stretched banner with a drum skin tight finish. If a scaffolding is not present, bespoke framework can be installed so that printed scaffold wrap can be fixed directly to a buildings façade to create the same eye-catching finish.

printed mesh scaffolding banner in London

Why Use a Mesh Scaffolding Banner?

Scaffolding mesh banners are an excellent alternative to solid PVC banners and offer a number of safety and performance advantages. These advantages are down to the printed scaffolding netting being a penetrable material, i.e. a material which allows air to pass through it. Not only does this greatly reduce wind loading, but it also allows light to pass through the banner to the workspace behind; two qualities which make the material far more accessible and compliant to regulations. Having a printed scaffold wrap in place will also help to limit the escape of dust and noise from a building site, which can make a huge difference on the impact a site is having on the local residents.


Printed Scaffolding Mesh Banner Suppliers

Lavastar install printed scaffold wraps all over the UK, with regular jobs being completed in London, Manchester and as far north as cities in Scotland. We can produce artwork for printed mesh scaffolding covers and wraps free of charge, or alternatively supply to-scale templates for external/internal design teams to work to. We also carry out all of our own site surveys, ensuring that the scaffolding is fit for the installation of a printed scaffold banner. If required, Lavastar can provide engineer’s drawings to ensure that what we are installing is to the required specification.

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