Printed Scaffold Wrap

What is tall, highly visible and very ugly? You guessed it, scaffolding. It serves a purpose that part is obvious, but why does it have to look so unattractive? Your argument may be that it isn’t there to look good, but what if we told you that it can and it should look good. That maze of unsightly metal pipework is in actual fact a huge advertising and marketing opportunity that so few take advantage of, so let me introduce to you printed scaffold wraps, the answer to all your problems.


Printed scaffold wraps are an extremely effective way to:
a) Hide ugly building works and scaffolding
b) Advertise your company or project
c) Provide privacy in an otherwise very open space


But what actually is a scaffold wrap? Well a scaffolding wrap, also known as a building wrap or scaffold covering, is essentially a very large printed banner that wraps around the outside of your scaffold, or just one fascia, thus hiding everything inside and allowing a huge message of some sort to be shown to anyone near by. The most effective type of scaffolding wrap is known as an ‘extended frame system’. This is a system where by additional framework is attached to an existing scaffold to allow a huge, one-piece banner to be wrapped around it, giving a drum skin tight effect and a very clean and professional finish. It is very beneficial to decide wether you will be installing a printed scaffolding banner before you erect the scaffold itself as then you can install the framework in the same sitting and avoid any protruding pipework that may cause the banner to rip.


Our printed scaffold building wraps are usually printed onto solid or mesh PVC with UV and weather resistant ink. The major benefit to using mesh PVC is that it allows light and air to flow through it, this helps with wind loading issues and allows for natural light to reach the workers inside. However you needn’t worry about materials, we will always conduct a site survey and present to you the best and most cost effective options without ever sacrificing durability or lifespan.


The big question is what will you print onto the banner? The possibilities really are endless. Common options may be company logos, text of some sort, sneak previews of what the finished project will look like etc. However, if you don’t have a history in design, we suggest you leave it to us, the professionals. With over 20 years in design experience we offer a full in house design service and can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with any design ideas we come up with. We can also work closely with your marketing teams to realise any ideas you may already have.


So what are you waiting for, get in touch and let us turn your scaffold into a work of art.