Monolith Signs

If your company is based out of a commercial unit there’s every chance you will require a monolith sign system to maximise impact from driving or walking past trade. Where companies can go wrong is they dress their premises with signage that is not visible from the road.

Lavastar offer a free design and site survey package on all bespoke monolith signs and have a great record for delivering a fast job turn around.

When it comes to choosing a design for the monolith then options are endless with a huge selection of illumination and materials available to you. With both our internal electrical and delivery team we can take the project all the way from design stage to completion with no change of hands.

The majority of monolith signs we install are produced to stand the test of time so if your worried about wind damage we will install a concrete ground cage and if your worried about UV damage we will use long life vinyls. Nobody wants their monolith signs lights going out one year in so we also ensure all illumination is through LED saving you on both high energy bills and the hassles of replacing the source of illumination regularly.


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