Hoarding Signage

At Lavastar we specialise in the on-site branding and advertising of construction sites, with particular focus on hoarding signage. Over the years, we have proven ourselves as experts in our field and believe that there is no company better equipped to manage your hoarding signs than us.


Site hoarding signage can be as simple or intricate as you wish. There are a multitude of options and extras which we can implement into your hoarding design to give it that added wow factor. As a reference point, here are a few of the more common options we deal with on a daily basis in order of increasing complexity;


• Timber hoarding with printed hoarding panels attached at regular intervals


• Timber hoarding cladded in plain hoarding boards with vinyl graphics


• Timber hoarding cladded in full digitally printed hoarding panels


• Timber hoarding cladded in printed hoarding panels with raised trims, LED lighting, hidden light boxes etc.


Hoarding signage in Ealing by Lavastar


This is not to suggest that the more complex a hoarding the bigger impact it will have, sometimes the simplest hoardings are the most effective. What is absolutely certain, however, is that any form of construction hoarding signage is going to provide key benefits for your business. If you are wondering how, here are a few factors you may have not yet considered;


• Hoarding signage is guaranteed to increase leads when used for advertising


• Hoarding panels improve the presentation of your site and promote a more professional company image


• Hoarding signs inform the often unawares local residents of what is happening behind the hoarding


• Hoarding boards will protect and preserve your timber hoarding when the hoarding is fully cladded


Lavastar offer a complete service for all construction site signage projects. This includes a site survey, free design service, production and of course, installation. This all-in-one solution allows us to offer unbeatable turnaround times and ensure that everything is tailored to your individual needs. For more information on site hoardings, please click here.