Crowd Barrier Jackets

Crowd barrier jackets are a super simple, easy to use and cost effective way of advertising at a wide range of public events such as festivals, concerts, sports events and races to name just a few. We specialise in helping our clients maximise their visual impact at these such events and being experts in graphic design, we deliver an extremely professional finish every time.

If you were wondering, a crowd barrier jacket, also known as a crowd barrier banner or an event barrier banner is essentially a printed banner that easily slips over a crowd control barrier to hide the metal framework beneath and provide a space for advertising or decorating. Printed barrier banners come in a wide variety of different shapes, materials and fixings so there is always a solution to meet your budget.

The most popular types of crowd barrier jackets are; standard crowd barrier banners, linked crowd barrier jackets, crowd barrier ponchos and spectator crowd barrier jackets. A standard crowd barrier banner is a double sided printed barrier banner which slips over and covers the entire crowd control barrier, it can be printed on both sides and is available in different grades of material depending on the desired lifespan of the jacket. Linked crowd barrier jackets are exactly the same but they have added fastenings at either side in order to link the banner with the next barrier in the sequence to create a more flowing and premium looking fence. Crowd barrier ponchos are a more cost effective method as they are simply a rectangular strip of printed barrier banner that folds over each side of the barrier and is fastened at the bottom, they are more cost effective due to less fabric being needed as the whole barrier is not covered. Finally spectator crowd barrier jackets are ideal for events where only one side of the printed barrier banner will be visible to onlookers, they slide over the barrier and cover the full face that will be seen, with the back of the barrier only being covered about a fifth of the way down to hold it in place, this saves money on materials and printing as only one side needs to be printed.

For any more information on the different types of crowd barrier jacket please contact us we’d love to have a chat and we’re confident that in just a few short minutes we will be able to suggest the best solution for your event. We manage every step of the process in house, from the design, to the print and even to the installation if needed! We have over 25 years of graphic design experience and love nothing more than to be let loose with any design ideas you may have, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call and let us turn your crowd control barriers into a work of art!