Building Wraps In London

Building wraps are everywhere in London. Some look great, some not so great but one thing they all have in common is it took someone clever to look at the huge amount of space in front of them and know they could put it to good use. The thing with buildings is they are often quite big which means they receive a huge amount of attention without even meaning to, especially in a city as thriving as London. This is an advertisers dream; massive audience, 24/7 visibility with little to no running costs.

So what are building wraps? A building wrap is quite literally the wrapping of either an entire building, a face or just part of a building with some sort of eye grabbing graphics. There are three main types when we think of London building wraps: wire frame systems, extended scaffolding systems and vinyl systems. Let me explain each one in a bit more detail.

A wire frame building wrap is the use of a large format printed banner to cover a section of a building where there is no scaffold to attach to. It works by anchor points being attached to a building with a tensioned wire connecting them and the banner being connected to said wire. It is a good solution if for example you have no need for a scaffold but it doesn’t give quite as a professional finish as a printed scaffold wrap.

Printed scaffold building wrap in London

An extended scaffolding system is when a framework is built onto a scaffold with supporting beams which allows a one-piece large format printed banner to be stretched across the outside of the scaffold, thus hiding the scaffolding beneath. This is a popular example of a building wrap and one that can be seen very often in London, the reason it is so popular is because upon completion the banner is drum skin tight and looks like a completely flat face.

Printed vinyl building wrap

The final building wrap option is a vinyl system. This would be used where there is a large area covered by windows on a building where you would place your graphics. The vinyl stickers are applied to each window sticking to them and thus piecing together to make a huge graphic. This can also be more of a long term building wrap used to actually decorate the building.

So which one is for you? Well building wraps are used in various industries but primarily in the building and renovations industry. This is because it’s quite often that you will have an unsightly scaffold that you can use to promote your company or the project which is underway. It is also a great way to separate yourselves from competitors, especially in such a competitive location such as London. If you’re a building company with no desire to use a building wrap to promote your business but you have a very high profile building which is undergoing work, why not sell the advertising space to a multi national company who will quickly snap it up.

Here at Lavastar we can provide any printed building wrap solutions you may need. We are happy to discuss and advise on the best method that suits your needs and budget. We also offer a free design service as we are experts in graphic design so please feel free to let us innovate, it’s our favourite part of the job. Most companies would brag about their use of high quality materials but for us that it just the norm, our building wraps are made to last no matter how big or small the job may be. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for a building wrap like one you may have seen in London as it was probably us who put it there!