The Rules And Regulations Of Site Hoarding

Construction site hoardings

Construction site hoardings are a crucial component of building projects, keeping the interior works and the public protected. Designed to provide a shielding site perimeter, hoardings enhance safety measures and prevent unwelcome intruders from stepping onto the site. As such an important part of the construction process, it’s little surprise that there a number of site hoarding rules and regulations to abide by.

Here at Lavastar, we always adhere to construction site hoarding rules and regulations when creating solutions for our clients. There’s plenty of criteria to meet when drafting up hoarding plans, all of which are there as safety precautions. This article will provide an informative summary of the rules and regulations of construction site hoardings, from materials to graphics.

Are Construction Site Hoardings A Legal Requirement?

As construction site hoardings are used in a high risk, dangerous area, they are a legally requirement. This is specified in the Construction Regulations 2015, where it’s explicitly asserted that sites must feature a protective boundary to ensure the general safety of the public. As such, construction works cannot take place out in the open with no defined boundary. Hoardings keep the site in line with the safety steps that are specified in the Health and Safety Act 1974. With a site hoarding in place, you are taking all the necessary precautions to carry work out in a safe manner.

What Are Site Hoarding Safety Requirements?

There are two primary site hoarding safety requirements. First of all, steps must be taken to provide adequate protection to the public while you are working. In essence, this is in line with the overall purpose of a construction site hording – safety. Second, unauthorised site access must be prevented. These requirements are outlined in the Construction Regulations 2007. As with most legislation, a lot of the information is weighed down with jargon. Below are some of the key hoarding safety factors to consider.

Height Requirements

While there are no set limits to the height of a construction site hoarding, they must be too tall for people to scale them with ease. As such, site hoardings are typically fairly large and imposing to prevent unauthorised access and protect valuable equipment stored within.

Strength Requirements

Site hoardings must be sturdy and rigid, which is why we craft ours from ultra-durable timber. Construction site hoardings have the minimum requirement of being strong enough to stand up to mind, not be knocked down under force or penetrated for forced entry.

Access Requirements

Accessing a construction site hoarding has to be done in a controlled manner. As such, there cannot be wide open entries. To meet safety requirements, hoardings must feature secure gates or access points. This helps to monitor the number of people on site while ensuring the public can’t wander in and out.

Display Requirements

Hoardings must effectively obscure the construction site. This regulation is in place to limit the likelihood of any theft while creating a visual boundary between the public and the sit, increasing privacy and safety.

How Do I Get Approval For Site Hoardings?

The first step to getting site hoardings approved is drawing up a detailed plan for evaluation. You’ll need to pick up a design check certificate before your project can get the green light. Luckily, the certificates aren’t awarded by an external body, and can be rubber stamped by a qualified worker who isn’t involved with the project. It is their responsibility to ensure the works meet relevant guidelines and the designs are appropriate.

This significantly reduces the red tape, meaning you jump through fewer hoops to get your hoarding approved.  If you embark on a site hoarding project with Lavastar, we will take care of plan approval for you. We have years of experience in this field which helps us find the quickest and most effective way to go from the drawing board to getting approval.

Plywood hoarding installation at a site in Brighton

When Must A Construction Site Hoarding Be Set Up?

Construction site hoardings must be set prior the commencement of any work. This is to ensure that no work is carried out without the correct safety measures put into place. Following approval, the hoarding will be constructed and fitted into place after undergoing a detailed risk assessment. Each step of the process is done with public safety in mind, therefore the project cannot get started until hoarding is set up.

What Size Does A Construction Site Hoarding Need To Be?

As a general rule of thumb, construction site hoardings need to be around 8ft tall, although there is no set limit on their height. As previously mentioned, hoardings which can’t realistically scaled are deemed tall enough. If the situation demands it, it’s possible to make hoardings which are a fair bit larger than this. The surroundings of the hoarding are also considered when it comes to deciding its height. For example, a nearby wall could result in a taller site hoarding, as it could be used to aid in climbing over.

Who Is Responsible For A Construction Site Hoarding?

Construction site hoardings are responsibility of the projects head contractor. Therefore, meeting health and safety regulations falls on their shoulders. Subcontractors, or Temporary Works Coordinators, are commonly drafted in to ensure that there is a dedicated set of eyes locked on the security measures on the site. In fact, the British Standard 5975 for temporary works recommends giving the reins to a qualified TWC to limit the chances of hazards slipping the net.

Construction site fence

How Often Do Hoardings Need To Be Maintained?

Once erected, site hoardings must be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they fulfil their purpose for the duration of the project. While there are no maintenance regulations in place as such, it’s good practice to check the structure for damage on a regular basis. Usually, an inspection schedule will be set which must be rigidly followed to guarantee optimal performance. Should you require any assistance with maintenance works on your Lavastar site hoarding, we offer aftercare to help restore them to their former glory.

Lavastar dot the I’s and cross the T’s when it comes to construction hoarding rules and regulations for every client we work with. Check out our previous work for a sneak preview of what we could do for you. If you have any questions or are looking for a quote on site hoardings, don’t hesitate to get in touch.