Sign Shop in Farnham

Finding a sign shop in Farnham is probably not as easy as locating the castle, however there is a small number lurking about. Lavastar is probably the hardest one of them all to locate but once you’ve found it you wont want to leave. Based in the Dogmersfield countryside just a short journey outside of town with not a vehicle in sight, the Lavastar offices make your visit to a sign company an enjoyable one.

Sign shop based in Farnham country

When we moved to our new offices the thought of having a sign shop and not being based in a central Farnham location did play on our mind for a short time however having ability to offer free parking, on site vehicle fitting and stunning views, we think we made the right choice.

The service we offer is very bespoke and personal so if your having a manic day and not in a position to leave the office then let Lavastar come to you…sometime it’s nice to visit the busy centre of Farnham.