Printed Site Hoardings

Site hoardings have come a long way from the dark ages, the days when a hoarding would be nothing more than a tatty wooden fence and a target for local budding graffiti artists. With the introduction of printed site hoardings, we have actually witnessed said graffiti artists approach, take one look at the masterpiece before them and take their spray cans elsewhere. We call it the Lavastar effect and believe it only actually works with one of our printed site hoardings, be it down to our expert design skills or professional finish or maybe just mutual respect between artists, either way, if you don’t believe us we can always just apply an anti-graffiti laminate over the printed hoarding panels – happy days!

We all know the benefits of a Lavastar printed site hoarding – they fight crime, increase rate of employment, raise local happiness levels by at least 78% and of course make your competitors look like a Mickey Mouse outfit in comparison, but what is it that makes our printed hoardings so spectacular? Well a great hoarding designer never blames his tools and we are that exactly – ‘great’. Our high-tech printer shoots out crispy clean hoarding graphics like nobody business and it’s particularly fussy about it’s diet so we only feed it the very best – the best ink, the best vinyls, the best designs.

Our designers are a bit like cats, for every 1 year in design they actually gain 9 years worth of experience, amounting to a whopping 225 years of graphic design experience (ok forget the first 2) meaning every printed site hoarding we erect has the breathtaking design quality of almost half a quincentenary of knowledge. Oh and the finish!! The finish is outstanding, our team of experts work quickly and skilfully transforming a simple wooden fence into quite literally a work of art. When the sad day comes that your project is finished and you have to think about taking the hoarding down, you may want to consider auctioning it off in sections, they’ve been known to go for hundreds of thousands of pounds, and we don’t even charge anywhere near that much – so they’re quite the investment.

We offer a free site survey and design service for every printed site hoarding we undertake so if you think you might be interested in one of these holy grails please call us today!