Printed Office Wallpapers

Digitally Printed Office Wallpapers

Digitally printed office wallpaper is a collection of vinyls that lend themselves perfectly to the wrapping of internal walls and partitions. They can be digitally printed with quite literally any design imaginable and therefore have a huge range of possible applications. Printed office wallpaper can be used on entire walls, or cut to form eye-catching shapes or lettering.

Installing digitally printed office wallpaper is a fantastic way to breathe colour and creativity into your workplace. When a potential client enters your office, it is important to create a lasting first impression. By branding office walls with company logos, signage or displaying previously completed projects for example, clients will start to get a feel for your brand and what your company is about right from the word go.

It is equally as important to ensure that your staff have a positive association with the place that they work. Commercial printed wallpaper can help to create an inspiring atmosphere and help to motivate staff. For example, having splashes of vibrant colour around the office, displaying famous quotes and bringing the outside into the office with high resolution nature photography can all have a profound impact on the mood of your office.


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 Graphic Office Wallpaper Suppliers

Lavastar are expert graphic office wallpaper suppliers covering London and the home counties. We hold stock of a large range of commercial wallpaper printing vinyls allowing us to meet virtually any application. For example; we may use a high-tack printed office wallpaper for a long-term or permanent application where damage on removal would not be an issue. Alternatively, we have super low-tack options that leave zero adhesive residue and can be repositioned regularly. This range of materials also allows us to carry our designs throughout entire offices if required. This could mean that one single design uses up to three different vinyls for applying to glass, brickwork and plasterboard for example.

Lavastar offer a complete graphic office wallpaper solution including survey, print and installation. We even have our own in-house team of graphic designers who can produce the artwork for you too. If you are struggling for ideas, or possibly content, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our designers have north of 25 years’ signage design experience between them and are ready to let their creative sides run wild. What’s more, we have a giant stock image library with thousands of ultra-high-resolution images which can be incorporated in your designs including cityscapes and iconic landscapes.


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