Why Not Add Graphics To Make Your Building Façade Part Of Your Branding?

Every business appreciates the importance of branding and many extend this to their business premises, with corporate logos, colour palettes and message statements prominently displayed in receptions, meeting rooms and other communal areas within the interior of their premises where they will be seen by employees, customers and suppliers alike.

But have you ever stopped to consider that the exterior of your building could also be used as a platform to build the profile of your business?

The Use Of Printed Building Façade Graphics Are An Innovative And Eye-Catching Way To Make Your Building Part Of Your Marketing.

Consider this award-winning project commissioned by Tenerife Perla.

Originally intended to hide unsightly renovation work, the stunning graphic panels that cover the facade of their flagship store have now become as much of a destination as the store itself, with customers using social media to share images of themselves against the graphic background, further building brand awareness of the store itself.


Spirit Flex tensioned banner installation


This installation was completed using a Banner Tension System.

Using aluminium profiles up to 600mm in depth attached to the building façade, the lightweight, weather resistant, printed graphic panels are stretched extremely tight so that they can remain in situ for many years.

The panels can then be illuminated, or enhanced with digital billboards.

Graphic Images Can Also Be Applied Direct To The Building Façade.

Whether you are seeking to make a statement about a retail, office or residential space, the use of vinyl graphics that can be installed directly onto brickwork or glass will be certain to make your message stand out.

An affordable and effective way to attract attention, vinyl graphics can be applied to your building façade in a number of different ways.

Large scale, full colour images can be printed directly onto brickwork, thus turning a blank wall into an eye-catching advertising hoarding.

Using eco-friendly sustainable inks, these building façade graphics are guaranteed to last under even the most extreme weather conditions.


Printed perforated window vinyl


Office Windows Can Be Used As A Billboard To Build Your Brand.

Printed window vinyls are another impactful way in which your building façade can be used to expand your brand to a wider audience.

Window wraps and full window coverings printed using premium, eco-solvent inks, can be affixed to either an entire window or a selection of windows, using cut out shapes or even one way vison, or Contravision vinyl to maximise the impact of your message.

We’re Here To Help You Make Your Building Part Of Your Branding.

Here at Lavastar, our team have award winning experience of printing and installing extraordinary examples of building façade graphics that do far more than simply cover the buildings on which they’re sited.

Whatever the message you wish to communicate, we will work with you, your designers or your creative agencies to design, build, deliver and install an external graphic package that makes the most of your building to bring your brand to a wider audience.

Should you need them, we have an in-house graphic design team who can work from a blank canvas or with you to bring your own ideas to life.

We appreciate that certain buildings have a historical significance and the design and installation of any printed graphic façade must adhere to all necessary regulations and community standards and our expertise ensures that such rules are followed to the letter.

If you would like to know more about building façade graphics and their instillation on buildings in London, across the UK or, indeed, anywhere in Europe, please get in touch and our expert team will be delighted to answer all aspects of your questions.