Lamp Post Banners

If you want to promote a business or event to a huge number of people in an affordable way, lamp post banners are a great way to go. These banners are a superb option for advertising in towns and cities and can be viewed easily from the street, as well as from cars, bikes and buses.

Here at Lavastar, we have a creative, knowledgeable team who can design and build lamp post banners to get your brand or event seen across town and on busy roads. We will research the best place for your lamp post banner to be installed and we will work closely with you every step of the way, delivering the most effective words and visuals to get your message across.

Once our lamp post banners are mounted, they will immediately attract attention, ensuring your advertising campaign is a success. Lamp post banners are a great way to increase your presence on the high street away from your business – this hard-to-miss advertising technique will boost your business identity and get you known in the area.

Lamp post banners can also be installed on columns, flag poles and at indoor events and Lavastar will offer you all the advise you need to ensure that your banners receive maximum exposure. The lamp post banners that we deliver to our clients are sturdy, weather-proof and anti-tear, so they will survive in the harshest of UK weather conditions. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about lamp post banners.