Building Wrap Cost

A question we often get asked here at Lavastar:

“How much will a building wrap cost for my development?”

We truly wish there was a straightforward answer to that question but unfortunately, with so many factors to consider, our response is usually something along the lines of “How good do you want it to be?”.

There are a number of factors which contribute to the price and quality of building wraps but an important piece of advice would be; cutting corners is not the right way to cut costs.  

mesh air flow printed banner

Who is conducting your site survey? 

Planning is key which is why we feel it’s essential to offer a complete site survey free of charge on all the building wrap projects we manage. Some of the benefits of conducting our own site survey are as follows:

1) Conducting a site survey allows us to ensure we have all the correct measurements so the banner fits perfectly
2) Upon visiting a site we can offer more detailed advise on materials, planning and design (a service we also offer completely free of charge)
3) We can explain to the scaffolding contractor the criteria the scaffold must meet to achieve the best results
4) We can discuss wind loading issues in depth to ensure the banner will always be safe and secure

Will the banner be installed direct to scaffold or on a Kee Klamp system? 

We understand that it is always in the clients interest to keep building wrap advertising costs to a minimum and one way of doing so would be to eliminate the use of a Kee Klamp frame system to install your building wrap. Although this may massively reduce costs it also raises the following issues:

1) Without a Kee Klamp system the banner must be installed direct to the scaffold which may result in friction tears when the banner moves in the wind
2) Without a Kee Klamp system it is virtually impossible to achieve a drum skin like finish due to the scaffold behind touching the banner and creating an imprint


solid print pvc building wrap design


How high is the print and material quality?

It is inevitable that in the signage industry there will always be someone offering the same job at a slightly lower price, but with low price often comes low quality. If you find yourself being offered a price which sounds too good to be true, be sure to request an exact material and print specification as there is a number of thin, low grade PVC materials out there which may do the job initially but are very prone to ripping in high winds. At Lavastar we would always suggest opting for a banner grade of 320GSM or above and ensuring your costs definitely include a print proof. So many times we see companies spend large sums on building wrap advertising designs with poor print quality resulting in a really terrible finish. Printing is arguably the most important part in producing a quality building wrap and jobs that are printed with a low pass rate often result in print banding lines, something which is very noticeable when printing solid colours. 

What is more important than the building wrap price?

Simple; logistics. It is very easy to break down the different steps in producing and installing a building wrap and source the cheapest for each. Taking this approach may save some money in the short run but can end up costing more longterm. Keeping a project under one roof will eliminate the following issues:

1) Inconsistency with measurements
2) Issues with planning and timing
3) Logistics errors
4) Quality issues
5) Miscommunication and lack of knowledge of the entire project


Lavastar are a company that can manage your building wrap from a free initial site survey right through to production and installation. If you would like us to provide a quote on a building wrap for your business please give us a call on 07502227883 or email us at for a fast response.

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