Exterior Signage Can Point The Way To Better Business

Have you ever thought about how people move around your buildings?

Probably not, as you’re so used to your surroundings that you take them for granted, instinctively navigating your way to where you want to be in the most efficient manner and shortest possible time.

But what about those people who are visiting your premises for the first time, how do they find their way to where the need to be?

That’s where well-designed exterior wayfinding signage is so important.

Investing In Exterior Wayfinding Signage Will Improve The Efficiency Of Your Organisation.

If time is money, then every second that your staff, your customers, your suppliers, your students or your patients spend working out where they are and where they want to be is money wasted.

The solution is signage that takes them exactly where they need to be.

An effective signage system will provide both direction and reassurance throughout a journey around your premises and between your buildings.

Not just signalling “go here” but also saying “you’re going the right way”.



Effective Wayfinding Signage That’s Designed To Make Every Stage Of The Journey Easier.

At Lavastar we work with work with customers in London, South East England and across the UK to design, print and install exterior wayfinding signage systems for clients including retail parks, corporate offices and manufacturing plants, college campuses and hospitals.

We also produce signage for one-off events, such as music festivals.

We plan each and every stage of the journey, starting with signage visible from the road, using illuminated or non-illuminated monoliths and totem signs to direct drivers to the location of our clients’ premises.

Then we assess the overall site to develop a comprehensive menu of directional and directory signs, landmark signs and entrance signs using materials that are cost effective, environmentally friendly, durable and completely complementary to the surrounding environment.


Directional Exterior Building Signage


Exterior Signage That Says The Right Things.

The key consideration for effective exterior wayfinding signage is clarity.

Our in-house graphic design team is available to help you deliver directions that are immediately understood by their intended audience.

This doesn’t just mean the choice of colour and fonts used on the signs.

Our team appreciates the need to avoid clustering signs and confusing messages by planning the optimal location of each exterior sign.

Here To Point You In The Right Direction.

Whether you are looking to develop exterior wayfinding signage for established premises such as a retail park, industrial estate, office complex, property development, college campus or hospital, or wanting more temporary signage for a trade show, sporting event or arts festival, we will work with you, your designers or your creative agencies to print and deliver cost-effective signage produced from sustainable materials.

If you’re a London or UK business and would like to know more about exterior wayfinding signage systems, please get in touch and our expert team will be delighted to answer all aspects of your questions.