Barrier Jackets

If you are running an event where you have lots of barriers, fences or partitions, barrier jackets are a great way to add attractive visual elements, as well as presenting an opportunity to send a message to the general public or event goers. Barrier jackets fit snugly over single barriers or they can be used to link several barriers at the same time to create a sense of visual cohesion.

With over 25 years graphic design experience, the Lavastar team are here to help you communicate your message with a barrier jacket and offer creative, eye-catching design solutions. Our barrier jackets have a professional, neat appearance and can be customised to fit bespoke barriers and partitions.

Barrier jackets are a popular choice for pedestrian areas, events, marathons, festivals, concerts, restaurants and nightclubs and help turn a drab barrier into something more exciting, while offering advertising and promotional opportunities at the same time. For crowd control barriers, the barrier jacket is a great way to distract people from the wait and give them something to talk about or act upon.

The barrier jackets produced by Lavastar are of the highest quality. They are lightweight and waterproof with no wind loading. You can use both sides to advertise if so desired and the barrier jackets are secured using Velcro and eyelets. To find out more about our barrier jacket service, please get in touch.